Sunday, January 13, 2008


here are our first screen shots of the running Android NavXS Client!

Hey google! We are waiting for the first android phones!! ;)



Justin said...

Quick question, are those supposed GPS locations? I'm assuming that you're running the emulator - does it have GPS, and on that note, are you running a GPS dongle to actually test it...just a bit confused on how it's working atm - haven't dove too far into the code but I'm looking at something involving GPS and I don't know whether it's better off to develop it and buy a dongle for my laptop to try and test functionality or just assume the actual gps tagging will work and then test and fix when the first actual android run phones come out. said...

Yes, we support the GPS functionality of google android. You can develop it without using a GPS dongle to test it.

tucka said...

The standard Android Emulator fully supports GPS emulation. So you don't need to buy a dongle to test the GPS functionality.

You can find more information about how GPS works within Android in the online documentation:

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henit said...

Hi everyone.

A few days ago, I was surfing the web and I found out a project that works over most mobile phones which lets you know where your friends are in real time and update your status in twitter. It´s called Dimdix.

On their website they say you don´t need a GPS system to detect your location. Does anyone know how this works?

I´m using a Motorola L7 and amazingly it detected my location.

I cannot stop thinking of all the things I could do with it.

If anyone wants to take a look you can go here




Anton said...

why do you don't release a new client for Windows Mobile PPC? I can't run current version, there is an error message. And i can't register.

melih said...

I just downloaded navxs for my Nokia...I tried but I cant register on web...Can you help me please

Jakovskii said...


I can't register to

Whenever I finish my registering, it occurs some exception and shows error codes in the new page.