Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When the NavXS client loads map tiles from the Internet, it will, when file system access is enabled, save the loaded tiles locally on the phone file system (e.g. Memory card). Nokia users may have noticed that the NavXS Java Mobile client keeps asking whether or not this is OK, over and over again. This is because the NavXS application has been deemed "untrusted" by the Nokia application installer. And Nokia phones do not let untrusted applications read or write to the phones file system without having the user explicitly grant every single read/write operation.

In general, all Java applications are untrusted, as long as they do not contain a digital signature from a well-known and trusted source. For this purpose we have submitted the NavXS Java Mobile client to javaverified.com, which has rigorously tested it on a Nokia N95.

The application passed the test, so now we have an edition containing a digital signature that is accepted by the Nokia application installer. Nokia users can get it here: http://navxs.com/en/nokia.html.

Note that in order to dispose of the file access security prompt you will have to, after having installed NavXS, change the following settings from the Nokia main menu:

Tools > App. mgr > NavXS > Open > "Read User Data" and "Edit User Data".

These are set to "Ask every time" as default. Change to "Ask first time" or "Always allowed" and the security prompts are gone :-)

Friday, July 20, 2007

There is a lot of buzz around global warming these days. So much in fact that we have decided jump on the green wagon too. As a result we have re-desigend the website from scratch, using peacful green colors on a global background. The new site also has less content and is a lot simpler than the old one, which means that you don't spend so much CO2-producing efforts reading through it all :-)

Oh, and there are new Java clients as well (v0.3.2). Get them here: http://navxs.com/en/java.html